Why Documentary Family Session

Why Documentary Family Session

Why documentary photography session? Because it's an easy way to freeze one of YOUR SPECIAL MOMENTS with your kids, your pets, our family.  As a documentary photographer I will come to your home and make myself part of your family for the time I am there-and hopefully friends from now on. I won't be telling you everything you need to do, just minimal guide thru the session, it's your home, your rules, you know your kids better and what's good for them. I am just here to capture the moment you wish to treasure it for forever. We all get the "cheeeeese", "look at the camera" images, but you truly want to remember your kids as they were, I promise, you will love it!

Family documentary photography is when a photographer uses a documentary approach in photographing a family. “Taking a documentary approach” means that the photographer does not intervene with the scenes in front of her at all: there is no posing, directing, moving items around, telling you what to wear or where to stand. The photographer just comes and “documents” your family as you live your life. 

Because documentary family photography is an “approach” and not an “aesthetic”, you may find vast differences in style from one documentary photographer to another. A photographer’s style is greatly influenced by who they are as a person and what they are drawn to. I personally am a fairly quiet person who has a strong love of family history and stories - this shows in my photography. I love photographing the quieter, more subtler moments and I adore documenting multiple generations of family. Another more outgoing documentary photographer might be drawn to photographing the bigger, more comedic moments in life. As a mother, I am also drawn to documenting the nuances of motherhood and showing moms how important and loved they are through my work. Because of these differences in styles, it’s important to check out a photographer’s portfolio before you hire them, and speak to them on the phone to make sure your personalities jive.

You might have also heard the terms “lifestyle photography” and “portraiture”. These are different genres from family documentary photography. Lifestyle photography can often look like documentary family photography, in that the moments captured look candid and casual, but lifestyle sessions are directed by the photographer, usually through prompts and loose posing. Lifestyle photographers also generally advise their clients on wardrobe and shoot location. Portraiture often takes place in a studio where the photographer poses the subject and often uses lighting instruments to create a beautiful, crafted image.let get our shoes on..."
Documentary family photography is not about being interesting for the outside world's benefit – and certainly not for the photographer's. It is about savoring this time in your life, and making sure the kiddos have those memories to look back on later.


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