Do you ever feel like you were there but you can't see you there?

Do you feel like all the images are around your kids, your husband, your pattern, the grandparents, and everyone around, but you? 

Are you the reason your kids have so many pictures year after year, but you are not in any of them? 

Do you wondering why you should be IN THE PICTURE? 

Why would they WANT to see a tired mom on pictures?

I had all these concerns and more. I was that mom... and sometime I still feel less confident in front of the camera but, my girls LOVE IT!

THEY DO want to see you! 

Kids love seeing you with them. They love to go back and look at those days cooking together, working on projects, making messes and cleaning them. Reliving those moments together with you. Your KIDS WANT TO SEE YOU as you were and are. Perfect to their eyes. They want to see the every day mom they love and appreciated!

After many years doing my own "mother's day" session with my girls I can't wait to do this session for you. 
I am now offering "mom's life" documentary session.

Why documentary session? Because it's an easy way to freeze one of YOUR SPECIAL MOMENTS with your kids.  As a documentary photographer I will come to your home and make myself part of your family for the time I am there-and hopefully friends from now on. I won't be telling you everything you need to do, just minimal guide thru the session, it's your home, your rules, you know your kids better and what's good for them. I am just here to capture the moment you wish to treasure it for forever. We all get the "cheeeeese", "look at the camera" images, but you truly want to remember your kids as they were, I promise, you will love it!

I have so many ideas for you to do with your kids and you don't have to stress about anything else. The day of the session I will simply knock, walk in with my camera on hand, face mask on, hands previously sanitized and ready to click my way in. I will introduce myself to your kid/s and we will go from there. 
So, now that you know a little more about documentary photography, are you in? 
If so, keep reading. 

OK, I am so excited you are in!
This is what it's going to happen now that you want me to come over and document you and your child. 
First, PLEASE DO NOT STRESS ABOUT IT! This is a documentary session and you should not be stressing about having a clean house, matching clothing, hair and make up done. Please check my instagram so you can see how I show my personal life thru documentary images. I want to document YOU and your CHILD as you are every day- now if you are used to getting all ready every day and that's totally normal for you, that's GREAT! 
Second, I want you to CHOOSE AN ACTIVITY or MOMENT you want me to capture. Ex. doing dishes with my little one, emptying the dishwasher, cuddling on the couch while reading a book, cooking, cleaning the toys, watching a show, nursing... you get the idea, right? but if you need help please let me know. 
Third, tell your child/children I will be coming, tell them I will have a camera and tell them I will be there taking pictures of them. Even if they are little, tell them. If they know I am coming they won't be surprised or scared of a stranger going around the house with a big camera on their face.
Finally, just get ready, because you will LOVE IT! I become a documentary photographer after realizing my GIRLS are growing right before my eyes and I am not able to remember everything they do. My memory is not the best, I want to treasure these moments as they are, and not as a "cheese" moment. 

Includes my time and talent
Session around your home (in or out)
up to 30 minute session time
pre session consultation 
6x6 Photo Book
Private online gallery
HR/Web Digital downloads
(its hard to tell amount of images during a documentary session.)

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