About Me

Hello and welcome to my life. My name is Analia and I am a mom of four beautiful girls, a wife to a wonderful husband and a passionate Documental Photographer. I love to capture every magical moment and freeze them for you to enjoy forever. 

Fun Facts about me:
~I was born and race in Argentina until I was 19 years old.
~ I wish I was born back in the 1900-Downton Abbey fan. 
~I love black and white photography and film photography is my favorite-but clients sessions are in color. 
~I want to travel the world a few times.
~I see pictures every where.
~I am fluent in Spanish and English. 
~I collect tortoise souvenirs from every new place I visit or we lived in. 
~I could seat by the ocean all day. 
~My girls are my inspiration.
~I love to bake.
~Summer is my favorite season.

Thank you for stopping by and learned a little about me!
 I can't wait to get to know you!