As of January 2019 
All sessions require a non-refundable $75.00 session fee due at booking which is applied to your session price. The session fee secures your shooting time and location.
Sale tax not included, travel fee will apply to any location 15 miles from me-$0.54 per mile round trip-price by the IRS.


*It includes one individual immediate family group of 2-6 people. This package is for couple or family group shot and individual photograph of each person in the group. If you have more than 6 people on the immediate family group the price is $25.00 for each extra individual in the family. 

Includes my time and talent.
up tp 1-hour session 
Private online gallery
50+ pictures (more or less) depending on the group of people both color and b&w images in selected photograph.
1 11x14 Print of your choice

 $100.00 per extra family 
Includes the time and talent of the photographer 
A Private gallery will be provide with all the photograph from your individual session.


*This package it's for one-on-one future mom session. Includes style individual image of mom to be. If you want yo have kids or husband it is an extra $25.00 for each individual in the session.

Includes my time and talent.
up  to 1 hr session 
Private gallery with
edited images from the session.


Let me tell your family and friends the story of your baby's birth- Birth Story session is a perfect way to insured you get the pictures you want while you are at the delivery room or at home delivery. This way you and your spouse get to relax for whats more important, the arrival of your sweet baby. You will call me at the time you get to the hospital or when the midwife gets to your home, and then when you are dilated to a 4. I will get there and start to click my way around you. I will capture each moment on a way you will remember how it felt. As a mom I understand what a mom's wants during that time and how do we treasure that moment. Many of us can't even remember what was going around, this way with me there, you will see it thru my pictures. I also include the 24hrs which means I will be back to the hospital or home after the birth and take some pictures of you with baby, or baby with brother and sister or grandma and grandpa. Book today to secure your time! 

Includes my time and talent 
Labor & Delivery Session
24hr Session with Baby
Private online gallery
Private galley with edited images -color and black & white  

Lifestyle Session

*Newborns are so much fun! You are going to love this package, includes around 2 hours of professional work. I'll come to your home or you can come to my place (whichever works better for the parents at the time)-this is a lifestyle session not a prop setting/pose session.*

Includes my time and talent.
up to 2 hours session
OPTION OF: $50.00 PRINT CREDIT (you let me know the pictures you want and size and I will print them for you, using my professional lab-in case of the order pass the $50.00 I will invoice you for the remain of the purchase.) or
1 6x6 Photo Book with up tp 60 images
  A private gallery with my favorite edited pictures from the session will be email it to you.

per session 

 *This package it's only for one-on-one child photography. Includes individual images of your child. The one-on-one time is perfect to see your little one fun side and to capture the everyday moments. If you want more kids to be part of the session plus individual photograph of each kid it is an additional $25.00 per extra child.* 

Session is suggested at
3 months old 
6 months old 
9 months old 
12 months old-smash cake available
Any age kid up to age 15 years old.
Includes my time and talent.
 -1/2 hour session 
 -10 edited images 

 A private gallery from the session will be email it to you, if you want to purchase more than 10 pictures you are welcome to do for $10.00 each extra picture or $100 for the entire session.


 *Super fun for FAMILY, KIDS, COUPLE or ANYONE WITH THEIR PETS! I call this session STRESS FREE SESSIONS because you don't need to stress about getting outfits ready, color matched or even make your little one smile for 100 pictures. You come as you are and just listen to a few instructions and thats it! Not too much planning, not rushing, not screaming to anyone, not need to smile or even look at the camera, NOT NEED TO STRESS!! 

Includes my time and talent
10-20 minutes session at sunset
up to 5 images
Private gallery to choose the photograph you want or you have the option to purchase the entire session for $50.00 

$200/first hour
$150.00 each additional hour

*A minimum of 2hrs Event time is required at the time of signing the contract for date and time. 

*I love events: Baby Blessing, Small Wedding (2-5 hours), Baptism, Family Reunion, Birthday Party or even a get together with friends!!!
 Events are so much fun, and you want to be part of it. I decided to offer this sessions after realizing I am never in any even  photograph. YOU want to be part of the memory! and not the one behind the camera the entire time right? Well, here is where I come to your rescue.  I will photograph every moment and you will LOVE to see the picture and remember each special time with you in it!!!

  Includes my time and talent 
 2-5 hours one location
 A private gallery with edited images
 A 6x6 photo book with up to 60 images


Includes my time and talent.
20-25 minutes session
up to 10 edited images
Private gallery to choose the photograph you want or you have the option to purchase the entire session for $50.00

*Payment of $75.00 is required as a Retained Fee and it is not refundable. Images wont be delivered unless the full amount of $175.00 is pay in full.*

Please visit this link HERE to schedule your mini session-I only offer this session once a year and only when I announce them.


I offer professional highest quality prints, from wallets size to as big as you want them to be. I encourage clients to print their pictures with me using my professional Lab. I also offer unique holiday cards, birthday cards, birth announcements and more. I design and print them with my Professional Lab, and the quality is the best!  

If you choose to print your picture somewhere else, please be aware of the quality and print crop. The colors you see on your monitor are the not colors you will get printing them somewhere else. I calibrate my computer with my Professional Lab and the colors you see is what you will get printing with me.

 If you have any question regarding my work, please contact me at any time at! I would love to help with any concerns. 

 I reserved the right to all photographs I take and to change my prices at any time without notice-if you made a deposit before changing prices I will still honor the early price. 
Contacting me about your session today!